Transloading Services

Specializing in Rail to Truck, Truck to Rail, Flat Storage and Vertical Storage

Transloading Services

Working with the rail system is often an essential part of shipping bulk materials, but getting your shipment to its final destination requires reliable rail to truck transloading. Northwest Logistics offers coordinated transloading services as well as flat and vertical storage to make it easy to streamline your transportation process. With reliable rail to truck and truck to rail transloading combined with convenient and versatile storage options, it’s easy to keep your shipments on schedule and avoid expensive delays.

Efficient transloading services require careful coordination between rail lines, trucks, storage and transloading facilities.  The Northwest Logistics team stays coordinated with our trucks using GPS tracking and a smartphone dispatch application to get real-time updates and data.  This gives us full visibility over every shipment and every leg of the journey. This not only helps us adapt to schedule changes, but also helps to ensure complete coordination across the shipping, receiving, and storage path. With complete visibility across the entire supply chain, we can move from one process to the next quickly and seamlessly.

Northwest Logistics streamlines transloading services with:

  • Extensive training on loading and unloading procedures for all types of materials
  • Conveyors, cranes and heavy equipment to load and unload bulk materials or heavy fabricated shipments
  • Flat and vertical storage for all types of shipments
  • GPS tracking, real-time communication and coordination

Rail to Truck

Reliable rail to truck transloading helps make route-planning and logistics easier. Whether you are transporting frac sand and other dry bulk commodities, palletized freight, or larger items requiring crane offloading, we can transload your cargo safely and efficiently.

Truck to Rail

Whether you are loading trucks from a mine, manufacturing facility, or other shipping origin onto the rail system, fast and efficient truck to rail transloading helps you stay on schedule.  Northwest has the knowledge, experience, and a specialized fleet of conveyors, forklifts, and cranes to match your needs for efficient and seamless transloading services.

Flat Storage

Additional storage capacity allows you to gather your cargo and keep your shipment coordinated and secured without incurring additional railyard fees or other problems. We can provide flat storage at a number of terminals across the nation to protect and store your cargo. Flat storage facilities are ideal for machinery, oilfield pipe, wind turbine components, construction materials, and much more.

Vertical Storage

Vertical storage is a great way to accumulate large quantities of bulk materials for various temporary or ongoing projects.  Northwest can provide temporary or long-term vertical storage solutions for a variety of dry bulk commodities including frac sand, cement, fly ash, limestone and others.

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