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Meeting All Your Transportation and Storage Needs

Northwest logistics provides an array of services to make transportation and storage easy and seamless. We provide bulk pneumatic hauling, transloading, temporary silo storage, heavy haul, and crane & rigging services to handle transportation and storage of many types of products and materials. A diverse and powerful collection of equipment as well as experienced, highly-trained team members help us meet the needs of many different industries and jobs.

Coordinated, Communicative, and Collaborative

Flexible storage options, transloading services and hauling equipment help us meet our clients’ transportation requirements from start to finish. With multiple terminal locations and a wide array of flat storage and vertical storage options, we can help you move your products faster. We utilize advanced GPS-tracking and communication technology to stay coordinated along every leg of the journey, eliminating delays and unexpected problems. Every Northwest Logistics team member is trained to work with our transportation equipment, logistics programs, and trained to handle dry bulk products safely and efficiently from various loadout facilities to our trucks, onto the road and to your location.

Bulk Pneumatic Hauling

Northwest Logistics provides bulk pneumatic hauling for a wide range of industries and clients. We understand that different bulk pneumatic products have different handling and transportation requirements. With many different trailer designs, including different slopes, hoppers, seals, and sizes, we have the equipment to haul several types and volumes of different materials. We work with frac sand, limestone, fly ash, barite, dry bulk cement, and many other dry bulk commodities.

Temporary Silo Storage

Northwest Logistics provides silo transportation, silo placement and complete jobsite setup for many types of silos and temporary storage facilities. With extensive experience working with frac sand silos and other dry bulk storage systems, we are also familiar with safety procedures and permit requirements for transportation, placement and setup. Our team will load, transport, unload and set up your silos at any location and ensure that all mechanisms are working properly.

Transloading Services

Working with the rail system is often an essential part of shipping bulk materials, but getting your shipment to its final destination requires reliable rail to truck transloading. Northwest Logistics offers coordinated transloading services as well as flat and vertical storage to make it easy to streamline your transportation process. With complete visibility across the entire supply chain, we can move from one process to the next quickly and seamlessly.

Crane & Rigging

Northwest Crane Service provides a fleet of powerful, state-of-the-art cranes to assist with mining and storage facility construction and maintenance, as well serving many other industries including oil & gas, wind energy, construction, and others. Our crane fleet has from 60 ton to 1,200 ton lifting capacity to assist with all your lifting or hoisting needs.

Heavy Haul

Northwest Logistics Heavy Haul is comprised of a unique and specialized fleet of trucks and trailers capable of moving all types of heavy and oversized loads.  With a cargo capacity up to 700,000 lbs. Northwest can handle many different types of shipments including large fabricated pieces, transformers, heavy equipment, machinery, and other challenging cargo.  When working with large dimensions, weights, and items, the equipment, experience, and expertise of the Northwest Logistics Heavy Haul team will allow you to move your oversize and heavy cargo efficiently and safely.

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