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State of the Art Technology

Northwest Logistics is committed to using the latest technologies to manage our fleet and meet our customers’ expectations. We use a customized smartphone application to send and receive dispatch information to and from our drivers. This communicates load information in real time as it occurs, including loading/unloading times, delays, BOL number, product weight, etc. This information received from the field immediately updates our dispatch software allowing for better planning, faster reaction to any changes, and gives our accounting and invoicing department a 24-hour turnaround time. Our current dispatch software will allow all orders to be tracked in real time from order placement to delivery of the product. It also keeps running totals of the number of deliveries and product amounts on multiple load projects. Additionally, our GPS tracking, dash cameras, and ELDs keep us up to date and informed on each driver’s progress and DOT hours of service compliance with safety at the forefront.

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Company Owned, Operated, and Maintained Fleet of Equipment

All trucks, trailers, and other equipment are owned by Northwest Logistics. We purchase only new equipment which is built to our own industry specific specifications. Each of our trucks is equipped with a GPS tracking, ELDs, dash cameras, and various crash avoidance technologies. Not only does this let our dispatch team know where each load is in transit and help them map out future jobs, but it also ensures that your loads are delivered safely and on time. Our equipment is well maintained using both our local terminal shops and select outside vendors. You will not find a superior or better maintained fleet of equipment.

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