Bulk Pneumatic Hauling

Specializing in Frac Sand, Fly Ash, Bulk Cement, Barite, and other dry bulk commodity hauling

Bulk Pneumatic Hauling Services

Northwest Logistics provides bulk pneumatic hauling for a wide range of industries and clients. Our experienced drivers utilize a diverse range of equipment and an interconnected logistics system to ensure all products reach their destination on-schedule. Whether you need to transport materials locally, regionally, or nationally, Northwest can assist you in achieving your goals.

We understand that different bulk pneumatic products have different handling and transportation requirements. With many different trailer designs, including different slopes, hoppers, seals, and sizes, we have the equipment to haul several types and volumes of different materials. We work with frac sand, limestone, fly ash, barite, dry bulk cement, and many other dry bulk commodities. Our fleet of trucks and trailers are all purchased new and built to our oilfield specifications. We carefully monitor and maintain our fleet to ensure your products are secure and free of moisture or other contamination. We take this same attention to detail on the road to ensure a smooth ride and on-schedule deliveries.

Northwest Logistics offers:

  • A range of trucks and trailers to accommodate many material requirements
  • Experienced drivers trained in pneumatic truck loading/ unloading and material handling safety precautions
  • Interconnected GPS data and D2 Link logistics systems to ensure high-level coordination and prevent delays

Frac Sand Hauling

With trucks and trailers designed to oilfield specifications, our fleet is ready to transport frac sand to or from any location. Our team is experienced, knowing the requirements of the oilfield and the demands of frac sand last mile logistics. All team members working with frac sand receive thorough safety training to ensure proper product handling and the safety of all on site workers both loading and unloading.

Limestone Hauling

The truck and trailer fleet at Northwest Logistics is robust and versatile, capable of transporting all types of materials across any distance. With limestone powder hauling services, we make it seamless to transport materials to your construction site or processing facility easily and efficiently. All our trailers are regularly and carefully inspected to prevent moisture or contaminants.

Fly Ash Hauling

Safe and effective fly ash hauling takes time and careful attention to detail. Our team has in-depth training and experience in handling fly ash for concrete. We make sure that all our equipment meets not only safety standards, but also our own standards for excellence. This ensures that all fly ash hauling jobs are completed efficiently, safely, and on time.

Barite Hauling

Northwest Logistics hauls barite from various shippers like mining operations, railyards, and processing facilities to drilling rig operations in the oilfield. Using specialized oilfield trucks and trailers, and trained in proper pneumatic truck loading and unloading, our team ensures that your product makes it to your location on schedule.

Dry Bulk Cement Hauling

Dry bulk cement helps make construction projects, road building and repairs, and many other essential projects possible. Northwest Logistics hauls dry bulk cement to construction areas and work zones across the nation. Our carefully maintained trucks and highly trained personnel ensure that dry bulk cement remains free of moisture and other contaminants

Other Dry Bulk Commodity Hauling

Northwest Logistics has the equipment and expertise to transport all types of dry bulk commodities. We utilize a wide array of truck and trailer types to work best with the materials’ requirements and truckload volumes. If you have questions about hauling other dry bulk commodities, contact us for more information

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