Northwest Logistics Safety & Crew Training Programs

Let’s work together, safely.

A Strong Safety Culture Is Our Priority

When working with any heavy equipment or industrial materials, safety is the top priority. Careful attention to safety and procedure not only ensures that our team members are protected on the job, but also minimizes problems during transportation and transloading. That is why we take care to train each of our team members in the proper safety precautions and procedures for all transportation, loading, and unloading of various dry bulk materials. When we leave nothing to chance, everyone goes home safe and all products reach their destination on-time and on-schedule.

We take our health, safety, and environmental policies very seriously. Our goal is zero incidents and zero injuries on the job, at all times. To accomplish this, we not only prioritize proper training, but we also cultivate a culture of safety adherence. A safety culture of zero incidents and zero injuries means a better workplace. This allows us to hire the best possible employees, and helps us retain our best and most experienced team members. This also allows us to better serve our clients and complete every job smoothly. With a strong safety culture culture our leadership promotes accountability and cooperation amongst our team members. This in turn creates a safer workplace as well as and valuable service to our clients.

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Safety & Training Programs

Safety adherence starts with knowledge. We provide all employees the skills and training that they need to be safe and successful at Northwest Logistics. This includes training that exceeds OSHA and FMCSA specifications for specialized transportation and transloading positions, as well as industry specific, customer specific, and hands-on training with our specialized equipment. We also understand the risks posed by certain materials, and give all team members thorough training on proper safety procedures for these materials. With an in depth understanding of the risks associated with each type of equipment, task, and material, Northwest Logistics team members are ready to take on any job adapting to changes quickly and safely.

We believe nothing is more important than safety.

Our safety training program includes:

  • New Hire Orientation        
  • PEC SafeLand USA
  • Site Specific training and refresher training
  • Forklift certification
  • Driver training & certification
  • Hydrogen Sulfide training

Our Partners in Safety